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théâtre national de nice

2017-18 season

théâtre national de nice

de la fontaine à booba

written, directed & performed by Guillaume Loublier, Valentin Martinie

production Cie Affable

What happens when a young rapper meets a huge fan of Fontaine’s Fables? Musical warfare - where literature is pitched against rap. This show was a resounding success at Avignon’s OFF Festival.

In period costume with his wig of black ringlets and displaying impeccable diction, a young fan of La Fontaine defends the classic texts of French literature to the hilt. His friend, wannabe teenager in tee shirt and baseball cap, answers back with a passion, claiming that the art of rap has equal worth. What swiftly follows is a no-holds-barred, hilarious battle - a farce to make audiences of all ages laugh - rekindling the age-old quarrel between the Old World and the New.
And what if La Fontaine was not as far from hip-hop as we think? Wasn’t he the first to break up the Alexandrine to take on free verse? Does poetry have limits? Why shouldn’t a young person of today appreciate the rhythm and find pleasure in a language of yesteryear? And why shouldn’t a Classicist appreciate the musicality of modern rap? This outstandingly performed “clash” succeeds in exploding all our a prioris in a great burst of laughter.

A little gem ! Paris Bouge
Michel Simon Hall Running time 1h10
  • march
  • tue 13 8:30pm
  • wed 14 8:30pm
  • thu 15 8:30pm
  • fri 16 9pm
  • sat 17 3:30pm
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de la fontaine à booba at Théâtre National de Nice
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