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théâtre national de nice

2017-18 season

théâtre national de nice

la nuit des gitans

with Negrita [vocals, guitar], Tchoune Tchanelas [vocals, palmas, guitar], Martial Paoli [piano], Florencia Deleria [dance], Pepe Fernandez [guitar], Andrei Tasnicenco [accordion], Marie-Anne Favreau [violin], Pascal Delalée [violin], Jérémie Schacre [guitar], Djenay [dance]

Hauntingly beautiful voices, gypsy violins, virtuoso guitars and a lamenting accordion, transport us to the very heart of travelling culture. A magical and intoxicating evening.

Leaving India a thousand years ago to escape famine, the Gypsies settled in the East, the Caucasus and the Mediterranean. Gypsies, Bohemians, Didicoi, Sintis, Roma…these “sons of the wind” have let the colours of their travels seep into their fabulous music. This is music that is filled with strength, freedom and infectious verve. The singer-guitarist Tchoune Tchanelas and Negrita, Queen of the Gypsies are both children from this culture and artists who play on some of the biggest stages in Europe, drawing on their roots to empower their art.
The festive world of gypsy music from Central Europe meets the power of Spanish flamenco to make an explosive cocktail. Long-time friends, these two performers and their musicians set us alight in a vortex of rumba, unbridled rhythms and gypsy jazz.

Inspired and brilliant, Tchoune goes seamlessly from classic to tzigane to manouche swing. The musicians turn, seeking one another – it seems that they are not so far from being found. Pure pleasure. Jean Barak, La Marseillaise
Pierre Brasseur Hall Running time 1h30
  • february
  • fri 23 8:30pm
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la nuit des gitans at Théâtre National de Nice
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