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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

May’68-May’18: Cultural Utopias

25 > 27 May

50 years on from May ’68, join us for an event focusing on the theme of cultural utopias!
The influences and vestiges of the ‘70s that shaped artistic creativity -
what are the utopias of today and tomorrow?

We have given our supported artists carte blanche : they are all exceptionally creative, each one being instilled with a great sense of freedom and openness. They have created original pieces specifically for this event. The venue 109 is also proposing a project called “Public Illumination Season 02” centred around the question, “What happened to the creative and alternative utopias of the ‘60s and ‘70s?”
This is a three-day event that highlights artistic creation and is absolutely free : performances, happening events, shows, films, concerts, well-being are all on the menu...
The MAMAC, Villa Arson and the National Sport Museum are also associated with this outstanding event. Dates are 25th to 27th May 2018.

Friday 25 May

>> 6pm · Opening night public/outdoor illuminations - Season 2 & May’68 – May’18
Happening events, exhibitions, dancing and screenings are all on the programme for the opening night.
LE 109 [Contemporary culture centre]

>> 8:30pm · What will theatre be like in 2018 ? – Cyril Cotinaut – TAC Théâtre
Take a journey back in time to1968 with two performing arts experts… and experience their vision of how theatre will be, 50 years on.

information & reservation Que sera le théâtre en 2018 ?

Saturday 26 May

>> 10:30am · Writing workshop with Cie BAL [Bal d’Arts Légers]
Get your creative juices flowing and think up some slogans with Cie BAL
for 7 year olds upwards – be sure to reserve your place – the workshop lasts 1h30
TNN - rehearsal room

>> 11am · Guided tour of the National Sport Museum with sport historian Claude Boli. This tour is centred around major international sporting moments, like the famous gesture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos on the podium during the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico, silently protesting against the racism and exclusion to which African Americans were and continue to be subjected in the United States.
the National Sport Museum

>> 12am · Brunch at the restaurant of the theatre
TNN - L’Étage

>> 2pm · Street Karaoke’s Club
You are cordially invited by the artist Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil to enjoy a tribute to Bob Dylan’s video clip Subterranean Homesick Blues (with the participation of the MAMAC and the TNN’s very own éclaireurs).
LE 109 [Contemporary culture centre]

>> 2:30pm · Lucy in the sky – Sylvie Osman & Greta Bruggeman– Cie Arketal
Take arte povera, the Flower Power movement and John Lennon, add to the mix some young students from the Piaget school in Nice and from Freinet in Vence and you’ll have an original work by Cie Arketal.

information & reservation Lucy in the sky

>> 2:30pm · Conversation at the Jardin
About Gianfranco Baruchelllo : Agricola Cornelia, a real and green utopia by Eric Mangion, director of the Contemporary Art Centre of Villa Arson. Garden's opening and pique-nique from 12h - Visit to the exhibition from 13h
VILLA ARSON – garden

>> 3:30pm · Discover the École de Nice
Come and explore the art works of the École de Nice in the MAMAC’s permanent collection with Hélène Guenin, director of the MAMAC.

>> 4pm · Conference on Jaïs Elalouf
Conference on the Psychedelics and counter-culture across society and art: graphic and societal revolution in the 60s.
TNN – Pierre Brasseur stage

>> 6pm · Flight of the spin-off drone by Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil
A drone hovers and projects the message “the sky can wait.” This is poetic diversion of modern technology - with the participation of the MAMAC.
TNN - Pierre Brasseur hall

>> 6:30pm · Screening of Générations 68 – Simon Brook
Based exclusively on a modern take on archive footage, this film reveals the emergence of a new generation who is calling for another vision of society.
TNN - Pierre Brasseur hall

>> 8:30pm · Now or Never – Linda Blanchet – Cie Hanna R
Be there when youngsters from two different eras meet – an encounter through a question-and-answer game between those who lived May ‘68 and their successors.

information & reservation Maintenant ou jamais

>> 9pm · Concerts & DJ set
Come along and dance... it’s psychedelic!
LE 109 [Contemporary culture centre] – Inner courtyard

Sunday 27 May

>> 10:30am · Paper flowers workshop
Bring the whole family along to make some magnificent paper flowers – entry is free (you must reserve first) – for a maximum 15 people
TNN – foyer

>> 11am · Questa mattina, mi son svegliato... (when I woke up this morning) – Renato Giuliani
Italy. The Spring of ‘68. Partisan/political songs set to the chords of a guitar …. Relive historical moments with Renato Giuliani and a group of young Italian performers.

information & reservation Questa mattina, mi son svegliato

>> 12am · Brunch at the restaurant of the theatre
TNN - L’Étage

>> 1:30pm > 16h30 · The Moon – Ézéquiel Garcia-Romeu – Théâtre de la Massue
Characters and puppets reflect our thoughts and dreams in this allegorical fable.

information & reservation La lune

>> 2pm · Screenings: Shorts, full features, documentaries
A selection put together by Lo Peolh Cinéma, Héliotrope, Il était un truc, L’éclat, La cinémathèque of Nice, the TNN... Theatrical adventure - 30 years of decentralisation, by Daniel Cling, presented by the TNN.
LE 109 [Contemporary culture centre] - Frigo 16

>> 2pm · Street Karaoke’s Club
You are cordially invited by the artist Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil to see a tribute to Bob Dylan’s video clip Subterranean Homesick Blues (with the participation of the MAMAC and the TNN’s very own éclaireurs).
TNN – foyer

>> 4:30pm · Utopians at work – Éric Oberdorff – Cie Humaine
A project built around the democratisation of modern dance and art. This series of workshops is made up of participants with and without artistic experience.

information & reservation Les utopistes au boulot

Practical information

>> Shows at TNN

Promenade des arts - Nice
entry – booking at 04 93 13 19 00 from Tuesday to Saturday and

For the writing and origami workshop – compulsory reservation

>> Le 109

89 Route de Turin - Nice

Download the program of 109

>> Villa Arson

20 avenue Stephen Liégeard - Nice
Free entry


Place Yves Klein - Nice
For the École de Nice visit, reservation at the TNN: 04 93 13 19 00, from Tuesday to Saturday

>> Musée National du Sport

Boulevard des Jardiniers – Nice

Download the program

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