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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

2 events to experience together

A week-end celebration of the Sacred

15th and 16th December 2018

Come and discover 2 absolutely divine shows, listen to a lecture on Sacred Music from around the world and plunge into a deep meditation with JS Bach, Beethoven, John Coltrane or even a Gregorian chant, in an original musical meditation session.

A lecture by Gérard Kurkdjian

Sacred Music of the World: a planetary odyssey
Saturday 15th December at 5pm – in the small auditorium

A brief introduction will deal with the question of the definition of the very idea of «sacred music». Various themes will then be addressed:
– The Sacred and Music: their spheres of influence, their individual power, their connections.
– The birth of the notion of Sacred Music of the World.
– Religions and music.
– A quick overview of the main traditions behind the sacred music of religions around the world and their development today.
– Sacred Music of the World as a modern vector for dialogue between religions and cultures.

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Musical meditation session led by Gérard Kurkdjian

Sunday 16th December at 11am – in the rehearsal room

Generally speaking, there are two forms of meditation:
– Meditation or awareness without an object. This focuses on simply being present in the world, without using any image or mental picture.
– Meditation or awareness with an object. This focuses on one particular thing like a physical object, a visual image or sound.

Musical meditation brings together these two different meditation approaches. After an initial short preparatory phase that frees up the mind, we tune in to some carefully chosen music from different repertories: classical music, world music, jazz and contemporary music. They will become a focus for contemplation….rapturous, melodic Mandalas. Using techniques borrowed from Eastern traditions, musical meditation puts us in touch with our deepest inner selves.

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EXTRAordinary Festival

from 22 to 24 May

theatre & disability: solidarity, workshops, conferences, so many extraordinary possibilities featured during a week full of chance meetings and emotion!

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