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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

The TERRACT project

The National Theatre of Nice is a French partner of the project Interreg-Alcotra  n° 1830 TERRACT Terract – “The actors of the Earth” is an original project, financed through the European Cross-Border Programme between France and Italy: ALCOTRA 2014-2020. The project was created as a result of the collaboration between the SCT Centre | Corep (project leader) the Universty of Turin, the company Il Melarancio of Cuneo and the Théâtre National de Nice-CDN de Nice-Côte-d’Azur.

The project aims to enhance the cultural and natural resources of the cross-border Alpine region between Turin, Cuneo and Nice. There are 2 geographical areas: Turin, Cuneo, Colle di Tenda, Val Roya in Nice and Nice - Vallée de la Tinée - Colle della Lombarda - Cuneo – Turin.

It follows the methodology of Social & Community Theatre. It is not based on any pre-written script but builds community theatre events using the intangible, cultural, historical and geographical heritage of a given locality, enabling the local community to rediscover, valorise and promote them through theatre.

The objective is to improve the skills of local operators who work to protect and develop their cultural and/or environmental heritage and to allow future generations to continue in the same vein to promote their region.

Project actions

  • The setting up of high-level training (Executive Masters programme) for local operators who have an active role in protecting the local patrimony (associations, museums, parks), with a view to obtaining the skills to understand and relay information about the natural and cultural resources of their area in an attractive and appealing way. The training (free) lasts 2 years and runs over 11 weekends, with constant follow-up. Professional artists and actors, researchers and experts run the course. It will enable theatrical and staging techniques to be acquired as well as transferable skills that can be applied to any working or training context;

  • The organisation of two major community events in the summer (called «theatre building projects») with the participation of 60 young Europeans (aged 14 to 25) in August 2019 and August 2020. During these building projects, time will be divided between training and producing travelling shows;

  • The organisation of a series of master classes with experts in landscapes and local cultural heritage;

  • An analysis of existing studies on the cultural and environmental resources of the region/area.

  • Online archiving of materials collected and the methodology used, with a view to repeating the experiment in other regions.
Interreg Terract projet Corep : les acteurs de la terre
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