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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice


written & directed by Alexis Michalik

with Pierre Benezit, Christine Bonnard, Stéphanie Caillol, Pierre Forest, Kevin Garnichat, Nicolas Lumbreras, Jean-Michel Martial et Eriq Ebouaney (alternating), Anna Mihalcea, Christian Mulot, Guillaume Sentou, Régis Vallée, Valérie Vogt theatre set Juliette Azzopardi lighting Arnaud Jung costumes Marion Rebmann stage fights François Rostain music Romain Trouillet assistant director Aida Asgharzaden production Théâtre du Palais-Royal Francis Nani - Sébastien Azzopardi,Acmé, Légende

5 Molières Awards 2017
Best private theatrical play;
Best Living Francophone Writer;
Best Director of private theatrical performance;
Best New Talent (actor), Guillaume Sentou;
Best Supporting Actor, Pierre Forest

2016 Theatre Prize (Le Parisien libéré)

A love-letter tribute to theatre that has picked up 5 Molières Awards!
Plunge into the behind-the-scenes world of a breathtaking masterpiece

An evening in 1897. The Paris “jet set” is hurrying to the Porte Saint-Martin to attend the first night of Cyrano de Bergerac. One hundred or so actors are performing in young Edmond Rostand’s play. It is a triumph. The Golden Age of Parisian Theatre is reborn in this exuberant piece created by the director Alexis Michalik. Following on from his two previous successes, he puts together with flair a “making of” version of a legendary play.
The 19th Century, tormented playwright crosses paths with some colourful characters: hostile producers and critics who are obliged to bow to his success; stars of the time like Feydeau, Ravel, Chekhov and the dazzling Sarah Bernhardt. The crazy chain of events plays out like a succession of conjurer’s tricks, a hilarious pell-mell unfolds… The close-knit group of twelve talented actors perform, with inventiveness and compelling youthful verve, the thirty different roles in this communal fresco where Cyrano’s legendary tirades fly off like sparks into the air.

Fast moving, a laugh-a-minute, this show simply doesn’t let up either for the delighted audience or for the actors who brilliantly keep pace with the repartee and the break-neck changes. Thanks to Edmond, Rostand gains another name and Michalik, a reputation. Alain Spira, Paris Match
2017-18 season

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Edmond - Théâtre National de Nice
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