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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

GAZ. plaidoyer d’une mère damnée

Tom Lanoye
Translation Alain Van Crugten
Directed by Piet Arfeuille

With Viviane De Muynck scenery Ruimtevaarders lighting Jan Maertens sound Peter Connelly wardrobe Lieve Pynoo first dutch production at Theater Malpertuis - Tielt new version & French production Théâtre de Namur coproduction Theater Malpertuis - Tielt. French text published by Éditions de la Différence - Littérature étrangère

A tale of universal proportions – an unforgettable, heart-rending, solo performance.

A theatrical tour de force…..superbly interpreted by the Belgian actress Viviane De Muynck. Tom Lanoye’s monologue has all the power of a Greek tragedy. The very unique aura and voice of the performer are enough to hypnotise the audience. The honest and moving words of the script transport us to the world of a condemned mother. She tells the story of a son who has committed an act from which there is no going back. How could she have given birth to a terrorist? She desperately looks for an answer in the past but a run-of-the-mill childhood gives no clue to the doomed fate of this beloved son. She doesn’t talk about victims, nor does she use accusing words. She is speaking from the heart, the heart of a mother that is breaking.
She becomes a witness to a subject that is so difficult and yet so important to talk about. We see just how powerful theatre is, making possible an empathy that would be impossible elsewhere.

This is a little gem that tells the universal, heart-rending tale of a despairing mother. Brakke Grond, Theaterkrant
2017-18 season

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GAZ. plaidoyer d’une mère damnée at théâtre National de Nice
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