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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

notre terre qui êtes aux cieux

Jean-Louis Heudier, Maurice Galland
Directed by Maurice Galland

with Jean-Louis Heudier lighting Samuel André with the assistance of Maxime Souveton stage design Roberto Moscoso, Emmanuel Brouallié costumes Ghislaine Ducerf-Galland with the assistance of Loussiné Saratélian sound GMVL, Bernard Fort images Guy Dubreuil, Julien Soulier, Grégory A.Sanchez assistant director Laurent Chouteau set construction Tip-Top Wood production Théâtre Libre

A one-way, get-away-from-it-all ticket to the skies that is both fun and scientific at the same time. Pack your bags – we’re boarding right now!

The stars have held a particular fascination for us Earthlings since Time began..we have believed we are at the centre of the Universe for a long, long time. How did we discover that we were living on a tiny planet orbiting a simple star, lost amongst billions of other stars and galaxies? It’s no wonder if we suddenly feel overcome by vertigo…happily, the Nice astronomer Jean-Louis Heudier is there to guide us. He takes us on an historical journey, through the tumultuous narrative of our scientific study of the sky from Antiquity to the present day. We come across La Fontaine and Louis XIV, relive the trial of Galileo, meet Cassini and Einstein. We go on a journey into the far reaches of space, enthralled by images beamed in from huge telescopes and satellites.
With all the teaching skills and imagination of a great scientist, the actor looks to the vast cosmos to bring perspective to our planet and Mankind.

This proves Man’s fascination with the firmament, since the dawn of Time. Jean-Pierre Tissier, La Provence

Workshops taking place during the festival linked to the show ran by Jean-Louis Heudier
Astromôme : parents/children
Saturday 4th nov : 1h30 from 6 years old
2017-18 season

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saturday 06 october 10h

notre terre qui êtes aux cieux at Théâtre National de Nice
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