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théâtre national de nice

2017-18 season

théâtre national de nice

Thank you for these first 3 years together!

Thank you for your presence, your sense of curiosity, your openness and your loyalty. So much has happened, from the worst to the best, in this tumultuous life that surrounds us. The times when we all come together at the theatre are becoming more and more precious. What meaning can our lives have beyond the connections that we forge with each other and that bond us? These invisible threads weave between us and remind us that ultimately the only things that really matter are human exchange, friendship and love.

Going to see a performance, is always an adventure….a unique experience… we can never tell exactly what is going to happen. Will we laugh? Cry? Will boredom set in? Will we be moved? In these fragmented and fast track times, coming to the theatre is an extraordinary leap of faith; each time we gather together to watch a performance, going beyond entertainment and pleasure, it is the magic of theatre that unites us in a moment that we share fully and that allows us to breath together as one.

So, here we are, ready for adventure once more! Our theatre team and I are thrilled to welcome all of the actors, dancers, directors and authors who devote their lives to captivating us with their creativity.

Support the Arts, beauty, reflection and humanity. Join us at the tnn!

Irina Brook

The year of the Éclaireurs

Les éclaireurs

This is the story of how a group of young and talented actors crossed paths with Irina Brook at the start of the summer in 2015 when she brought together youngsters from Nice who were passionate about theatre, societal issues and the environment. She had a notion in her head: to create a theatre troupe that could carry the very spirit of her theatre way beyond its walls, reaching out to the young and appealing to new audiences. This troupe was to become the Éclaireurs.

Four have actually taken up the challenge: Issam Kadichi with his sunny temperament and agility, who is an avid follower of the Commedia dell’arte; the electrifying Irène Reva who performs an intensive balancing act between her dance, acting and singing; Kevin Ferdjani with his irresistible energy and his love for Balinese theatre and Majory Gesbert who, despite her china doll appearance, is a positive bomb, sparkling with humanity. Some of them already have their own theatre companies and have been around the world, but it is under the watchful, caring eye of the tnn’s director that they unfurl their wings. They give their absolute all with the unstinting energy of the young. From the autumn of 2015, as part of the Réveillons-nous! Festival (Let’s open our eyes!), they weigh up the future in Point d’interrogation (Question mark), the bold play by Stefano Massini. They enthusiastically personify a generation that gets to grips with questions about the world and who have a sense of responsibility about what the future holds. They perform on stage but also open air in squares and parks. They go out to schools, liven up marketplaces and delight the staff of the Malongo factory... Originally a teaching project, Point d’interrogation has been so successful, that the adventure continues on the boards of the tnn stage. For the 2017-2018 Season, Irina Brook and her Éclaireurs are inseparable – they represent vibrant theatre that is deeply humanist, positive and accessible to the young. The inspiring quartet stand firm with their captain at the helm, ready to face any storm and sail towards a new world.

A year of laughter and wonder beckon them on.

Collaborations between Irina Brook and the Ville de Nice

• Quinzaine des Théâtres 2017
Le Songe d’une nuit d’été - William Shakespeare
Installation with Nice companies
Pierre Brasseur Hall - Saturday 14 october at 3pm

• Opéra de Nice
Production of Roméo et Juliette - Charles Gounod
21st - 27th March 2018

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