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théâtre national de nice

2017-18 season

théâtre national de nice

From 21st October to 5th November 2017

Génération Z

New! For the very first time, the National Theatre of Nice is opening its doors during the whole of the school holidays for its brand new youth festival, Génération Z.

On the programme: 5 fabulous shows to see as a family:
Dom Juan... et les clowns, a slapstick take on Molière’s masterpiece. A real treat!
Bulle, une odyssée, the tale about a child looking for her goldfish and the lake Tank-Yana-Sava: sheer poetry.
Azerty et les mots perdus, is both original and interactive : when words run out and leave without saying where they are going.
Notre Terre qui êtes aux cieux, a delightful fusion of science and stagecraft that makes us think about how we view the universe.
Point d’ interrogation - what a pleasure to see the Eclaireurs again: a hilarious and off-the-wall dive into a worrying future.

There are also workshops on theatre, reading, writing, visual arts education and an introduction to working in the performing arts...

A whirlwind of activity and fun for kids and teenagers alike!

Hey, youngsters – it’s your time to shine!
Come and share some unforgettable moments with performers and get lost in the rhythm of the theatre beat!
See behind the scenes at the tnn with a magical Roméo & Juliette backstage visit!
Come and dance, improvise, get creative and have fun : hip-hop, films and popcorn, partying, sweets and snacks! We want you to make yourselves at home here... it really is a dream come true!

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