théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

January 24th to February 11th 2018

Shakespeare is back at the tnn
this fourth edition of the Shake Nice festival ! really takes our breath away!

A field hospital serves as the setting of a powerful and moving version of Henry V that has been transported to the battlefields of World War I. Close in its wake, the Tempest! surges forward: at its helm is Irina Brook who directs the Éclaireurs with Renato Giuliani, in a performance where burlesque rubs shoulders with fairy magic and where romanticism and the esoteric come together.
The charm offensive doesn’t stop there... Malvolio, the character humiliated in Twelfth Night, reveals all to Nice audiences in his funny and touching one-man-show, I Malvolio by Tim Crouch.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream also takes up residence. The Shakespearean classic leaves us spellbound with its blend of song, music and wit. A passion for words unites us in William’s Slam. This moving show combines Shakespearean texts and modern-day slam. The festival ends with a flourish: Freestyle! brings students together on projects that focus on a Shakespearean play... This year they will enchant us with A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo & Juliet. Let the show begin!

All part of the festival...

Conferece by Florence March, specialist on british theatre from the 16th and 17th century at the University Paul-Valery Montpellier 3 and member of the CNRS Saturday 3rd February 5.30pm Michel Simon auditorium, free entry, reservation recommended.

Exhibition around Shakespeare
" At home and around the world"

Shakespeare's cottage
A magical jut to read and dream with Shakespeare

The Strowlers – L’Attraction theatre company

Theatre and new circus creation.
5th work on the cycle Around Shakespeare
Author and director Jean Jaques Minazio
With this show, that is half way between community theatre and a performance imagined as an unusual artistic object at the crossroad between theatre and circus, parade and installation, the strowlers, bring the group back together to play yet again with William Shakespeare’s wonderful dream machine.

Conception, directed by Jean Jacques Minazio – Direction Frédéric de Goldfiem – Musical arrangement David Amar – Stage manager Raphaël Maulny – Costumes, accessories Franck Escobar – Acting David Amar, Laurent Barattero, Dominique Faccio, Frédéric Fialon, Maud Giboudeau, Aurélie Imbert, Sophie Lièvre, Raphaël Maulny, Jean Jacques Minazio, Roustam Moussaev, Paulo Perelsztein, Laetitia Rosier, Camille Thomas

Outside the theatre and Front of house
Free before the Shake Nice performances.
Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th January 7.00pm | Friday 26th January 8.00pm | Saturday 27th , Wednesday 31st , Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd 7.30pm | Saturday 3rd February 7.00pm | Thursday 8th February 7.30 | Friday 9th February 8.00pm

Shakespeare freestyle

The projet Shakespeare freestyle! was initiated by Irina Brook as part of the Shake Nice festival, designed for young people between 12 and 18.

Pupils from colleges and lycees in the Alpes-Maritimes were invited with their teacher to immerse themselves in a work of Shakespeare and give their own vision of the play. In 2017/18 Irina’s choice was either A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Romeo and Juliet. The results of their work will be made public on stage at the TNN at the end of the Festival.

14 schools have taken part
Nice : les collèges Maurice Jaubert [REP +], Victor Duruy [REP], Port Lympia, Roland Garros, les lycées Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves - rive gauche, professionnel Magnan, Guillaume Apollinaire, l’International School of Nice
Antibes : le lycée Horticole
Cagnes-sur-Mer : le lycée Auguste Renoir
Menton : le lycée Paul Valéry
Sophia-Antipolis : le CIV
l’Escarène : le collège François Rabelais
Le Rouret : le collège Le Pré des Roures

European Shakespeare Festivals Network

Twelve European countries such as the United Kingdom, Poland, Armenia, Germany, Romania, France... gathered to pay tribute to Shakespeare. The network’s aim is to promote and share his work, develop new forms of theatre around his plays but also to bring and discover international companies in Europe. It is a real artistic and educational exchange. Beyond that, the ESFN offers the audience to discover Shakespeare through conferences, workshops, an opportunity to know the author differently.

Since 2017, the shake nice festival! has joined the network. He is the only French Shakespeare festival to be part of it.

With the participation of:

Télérama Arte European Shakespear festivals Network Transfuge - Magazine culturel - Littérature et Cinéma

Irina Brook & the footballers of OGC Nice

Irina Brook’s tireless quest to share her passion for Shakespeare is behind her choice of popular vehicles to demonstrate the author’s universal appeal. She shows us a Shakespeare who is more than simply a classical author. Humanity and philosophy breathe through his lines, creating theatre both popular and profound.

Her longstanding dream to blend theatre and football becomes reality today thanks to Benjamin Mondou and the association Passionately TNN together with the interest in the project on the part of OGC Nice. The club has shown itself to be original, open and interested in accepting the challenge of asking the players to confront the greatest playwright in the world!

Thanks to these footballers who lend themselves to playing in front of the camera, guided by the director, we realize that Shakespeare belongs to everyone and can inspire and reach out to unexpected actors. After choosing freely a quotation from Shakespeare, these sportsmen made his text their own, revealing a language in all its beauty which speaks to the soul.

24 players accepted to take part in this project: Yannis Clementia, Walter Benítez, Yoan Cardinale, Romain Perraud, Patrick Burner, Marlon Santos, Bonfim Dante, Arnaud Souquet, Malang Sarr, Maxime Le Marchand, Racine Coly, Adrien Tameze, Pierre Lees-Melou, Jean-Michaël Seri, Bassem Srarfi, NampalysMendy, Arnaud Lusamba, Wylan Cyprien, Jean-Victor Makengo, Ignatius Ganago, Mario Balotelli, Alassane Pléa, Mickaël Le Bihan.

The talented Gaelle Simon has produced a video of the project in collaboration with Irina Brook.

This original initiative is only just beginning. Irina’s Shakespeare for All! Project will be developed for the next 3 years of her term as TNN director, placing Shakespeare’s words in the mouths of unusual actors: sportsmen, politicians, rappers…

Like football, the theatre allows us to express our feelings. This is the link between OGC Nice, Passionately TNN, and the National Theatre of Nice. This link becomes reality in projects such as these, characterised by a desire for shared experiences.
Allowing as many as possible to discover or rediscover Shakespeare is an exhilarating mission. Our players willingly participated in this performance, far removed from the skills they display in the field. They undertook the speeches usually spoken by actors on stage, to give an enthusiastic support to the Shake Nice festival!

Jean-Pierre Rivère
President of OGC Nice

In November 2016 the first night of Passionately TNN took place with the stated aim of revealing to all the world of the theatre. To bring together as many as possible, we took sport as our theme, inviting OGC Nice to take part.
A relationship between these two apparently very different worlds emerged from that evening. Since then, OGC Nice is our constant partner, and the past year has seen a host of minor and major activities which have gone to build links between these two important actors in the life of our city.
Today, our association of chief executives is a supporter of this revolutionary idea. Irina Brook had this rather mad dream, and we are proud to have helped realize it – professional footballers making Shakespeare’s language their own!
The Shake Nice festival talks to young people, and it has become a formidable means of rendering Shakespeare accessible to all!

Benjamin Mondou
President of Passionately TNN

With the participation of Passionément TNN and OGC Nice

Passionément TNN OGC Nice

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