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théâtre national de nice

2017-18 season

théâtre national de nice

shakespeare freestyle ! édition 2018

educational project lead by Irina Brook

with in Nice : les collèges Maurice Jaubert, Victor Duruy, Port Lympia, Roland Garros, les lycées Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves - rive gauche, professionnel Magnan, Guillaume Apollinaire, l’International School of Nice ; in Antibes : le lycée Horticole ; in Cagnes sur Mer : le lycée Renoir ; in Menton : le lycée Paul Valéry ; in Sophia-Antipolis : le CIV ; à l’Escarène : le collège François Rabelais ; in the Rouret : le collège Le Pré des Roures

Local youngsters bring their own keen slant to two monuments of Shakespearean theatre.

Building on the success of the last two editions of the Shakespeare freestyle ! festival, secondary school students from across the Alpes-Maritimes continue to take up the baton. This year, they get to grips with two all-important classics from the Great Bard himself: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo & Juliet. Fourteen classes have been selected to revisit these masterpieces with fresh and inventive eyes. They will then perform them, over a weekend, on the tnn’s main stage.

Come and support the exceptional creativity of our budding artists and discover the magic of Shakespeare in the rebellious and poetic spirit of today’s youth. Shakespeare belongs to them and becomes their mouthpiece.
Shake Nice ! festival
Pierre Brasseur Hall free admission / reservation required
  • february
  • sat 10 2pm
  • sun 11 2pm
shakespeare freestyle ! édition 2018 at théâtre national de Nice
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