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Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

»From kindergarten to University

Because a live performance doesn’t end with the “final curtain”, the National Theatre of Nice, ever mindful of its mission to support artistic and cultural activities, proposes numerous and highly diverse events throughout the Season: behind-the-scenes visits, meetings with artists/actors, visits to your classroom to present and discuss shows before you come to see them, access to rehearsals.

Our aim is to help young people view live performance as a collective creative process and to see their visit to the theatre as being part of a much bigger journey.

Our booklet, L’avant-scène tnn* and other teaching materials will accompany you throughout the Season, helping you to prepare and contextualize the shows so that your students have a keener critical eye and greater sensitivity as spectators.

Feel free to get in touch with us (contacts below) to help plan your artistic and cultural educational venture.

Shakespeare freestyle ! Shakespeare freestyle! is a bold educational project (now in its 4th edition) that continues to offer opportunities to youngsters to perform Shakespeare on the big stage at the tnn. The Shakespearean Éclaireurs also take to the road to bring you their travelling show (directed by Irina Brook), spreading the idea of accessible theatre for all.

And finally, since you are key to the whole transmission process, we have drama courses that are open to you through the PAF (Academic Training Programme, Nice).

* [NEW FOR 18>19] avant-scène tnn,
a booklet specifically designed for teachers.

download the booklet for teachers

Travelling show
Irina Brook and her Shakespearen Éclaireurs have something new to offer in your schools [NOV & DEC 2018].

Courses for teachers
Subscribe to the PAF via the GAIA platform up to mid-September 2018:
• analysis and practicalities of a show
• theatre workshop

With Irina [13 October - 5pm]
• Theatre fortnight 2018 - Roméo et Juliette
An educational project based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Irina Brook-style: a light, young and accessible version performed by local actors from Nice…. a way of capturing the youthfulness and contemporary essence of the greatest myth of classic theatre.
Small auditorium – Free admission – booking recommended
04 93 13 19 00 (from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive) or on

Presentation of the forthcoming Season
by the Shakespearean Eclaireurs: for students,
Thursday 13 September 6:30pm - main auditorium.

Your contacts

For teachers:
Agnès Mercier & Sibylle Gay ·

Project leader (DAAC):
Valérie Huyet, Rectorat de Nice

DAAC : Délégation Académique à l'Éductaion Artistique

»School bookings/subscription

We offer a simple formula: select a minimum of 3 shows from the current season (performances during school hours and/or in the evening) and we’ll give you the best rates.
For accompanying teachers, get free places: 2 for a school group booking of 25, 1 for a group of 12 students.

A special school booking form can be downloaded from our website or you can contact our Public Relations team for one on 04 93 13 90 90.

Download a school booking form here

»School outings

You might also want to organise an occasional school outing to the tnn. If you let us have your request at the start of or even during the season, we will get back to you as soon as we can with confirmation.


• main auditorium: 15 €*, 9,5 €, 6 €
• small auditorium, rehearsal room & the 109 in the evening 9,5 €
* [NEW FOR 18>19]

During school hours, all theatre spaces, any format:
• 8 € (collèges, lycées)
• 5 € (primaires)

Rate per seat when no season ticket/subscription (one-off outing)
main auditorium 17 €*, 11 €, 6,5 €
small auditorium, rehearsal room & the 109: 12 €
* [NEW FOR 18>19]

»Schedule of performances during school hours

October 2018 >

November 2018 >

December 2018 >

January 2019 >

February 2019 >

March 2019 >

April 2019 >

Our Public Relations team is here to help you with your choice of shows and is happy to provide any information or documents you need to organise your visit(s) to the tnn and for meeting the artistic teams.

Who to contacts :
Agnès Mercier -
Sibylle Gay -
T. 04 93 13 90 90

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