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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

cabaret blaster

concept & choreography Aurélien Desclozeaux

with Laurence Blanc, Suzel Barbaroux, Sophia Chebchoub, Morgan Defendente, Aurélien Desclozeaux, Atsama Lafosse, Laureline Le Bris-Cep, Audrey Lopez, Maximin Marchand, Marvin Mastroianni, Angélica Tisseyre-Sekine, Florine Mullard, Paul Pascot, Thibault Villette, Heddy Salem, Frankie Tranchot and guests choreographic participation Vusi MDOYI DJ Bogosse Lacoste production DJAB with FIJAD support

What could be more gratifying than seeing the zeal of conflict transform itself into an expression of love and joy? This go-getting troupe of actors takes us on a unique and liberating journey.

Social dancing, hip-hop moves, aggressive and uninhibited close-combat, duelling, high emotions and pure insolence inspire the rhythmic choreography… These twenty or so young performers are “full on” with each other. Dancers in colourful finery, actors and singers, all display a contagious physical verve. Standing in the centre of a circle, and goaded on by their rival, each character tries to get the better of the other. Caught up in a frenzy of movement, the jousting pair surrender to a pas de deux in a declaration of love to the audience.
Aurélien Desclozeaux blows all of the rules out of the water, to free himself of actor/audience constraints. The aggressive drive of the dancers is gradually transformed into loving, intense and joyful movements. The audience gives in, carried by the optimistic and exuberant choreography. This is a cabaret where differences are voiced through words of love!

This urban cabaret instils energy, reveals commitment and frees up collective jubilation, giving free rein to exchange and openness. Le Progrès
2017-18 season

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cabaret blaster at théâtre National de Nice
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