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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

dom juan... et les clowns

based on Molière
directed by Irina Brook
inspired by an initial project by Mario Gonzalez

with Florent Chauvet and Frédéric Rubio (interchangeable), Eva Rami, Élodie Robardet, Sylvia Scantamburlo, Jérôme Schoof, Christophe Servas, Thierry Surace theatre set and costumes Théâtre National de Nice – CDN Nice Côte d’Azur, a Cie Miranda production Cie Miranda with the support of the Région PACA, of the Département des Alpes-Maritimes and the Ville de Nice

This tragic farce, that still resonates so strongly today, is given a totally new look through the performances of some outstanding actor-clowns, showing us an unexpected Dom Juan who is engaged in a thrilling battle pitched against conventional ways.

With the complicity of Irina Brook, the Miranda theatre company reinvents this classic masterpiece, accentuating its burlesque side. With their white-painted faces, red noses and tail-coats, the actors lead us from one extreme to another in this tragicomedy, taking us from laughter to tears.
Dom Juan, nihilistic seducer, defends his idea of freedom whilst being pursued by the over-the-top Dona Elvire who is touchingly laughable in her desperation. Sganarelle, faithful manservant, a reasoning man and a thinker, becomes a likeable clown who safeguards the humanity of the play. Totally indifferent to the concept of conforming, the clowns push boundaries and take nothing seriously, not even life or death.

A superbly performed slapstick farce …. To be viewed without moderation. La Provence

Workshops taking place during the festival linked to the show ran by the Miranda theatre company.
Introduction to clown
Tuesday 24th oct at 11.00 2hrs • 11-14 years old.
Thursday 26th oct at 3.00pm : 2hrs • 15-18 years old.
Friday 27th oct at 3.00pm : 2hrs • 15-18 years old.
Sunday 19th oct at 2.30pm : 2hrs • 11-14years old.
2017-18 season
dom juan... et les clowns at Théâtre National de Nice
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