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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

el baile

Design Mathilde Monnier and Alan Pauls,
choreography by Mathilde Monnier

With Martin Gil, Lucas Lagomarsino, Samanta Leder, Pablo Lugones, Ari Lutzker, Carmen Pereiro Numer, Valeria Polorena, Lucia Garcia Pulles, Elisa Ribes, Delfina Thiel, Maria Kuhmichel, Daniel Wendler dramaturgy Véronique Timsit stage design & costumes Annie Tolleter lighting Eric Wurtz sound Olivier Renouf musical consultant Sergio Pujol vocal coaching Barbara Togander, Daniel Wendler choreographic assistant Marie Bardet tour coach Corinne Garcia artistic collaboration Anne Fontanesi dressmaker and dresser Elise Cognée general manager Carlos Stavisky light control Emmanuel Fornès sound control Nicolas Houssin international diffusion Julie Le Gall - Bureau Cokot production and artistic collaboration Nicolas Roux production Le Quai CDN Angers Pays de la Loire coproduction Chaillot - Théâtre National de la danse - Paris, Festival Montpellier Danse 2017, Théâtre de Namur, CTBA - Teatro San Martin - Buenos Aires, Théâtre-Sénart scène nationale, La Bâtie - Festival de Genève with the support of the Direction Générale de la Création Artistique du Ministère de la Culture

Freely inspired by the show Le Bal – a collective creation of the Théâtre du Campagnol, directed by Jean-Claude Penchenat

Tango, music, dances of yesterday and today all combine to weave this story in a delightful way, reawakening the spirit of Argentina. Timeless, popular and unfailingly vibrant……we fall instantly under the charm.

The great choreographer, Mathilde Monnier transports Jean-Claude Penchenat’s cult show of the ‘80s, Le Bal (also immortalised by the filmmaker Ettore Scola), to a milonga in Buenos Aires, a city where tango rubs shoulders with football, rock runs alongside political demonstrations. These are tales of seduction without words, stories about life in Buenos Aires from 1978 to the present day, revealed in an Argentinian ballroom. Men and women brush against each other; their destinies crisscross to the rhythms of tango, the samba and malambo but also to rock, techno and songs that have marked Argentina over the last forty years. Mathilde Monnier’s New Wave style works perfectly with the writings of her road companion, the great author, Alan Pauls. Dancers conjure up images of the World Cup, political events of the junta in power, like the stirrings of revolution through dance and make a beautiful allusion to Pina Bausch. We are taken on a journey through an era and the history of a country…..because in Argentina, nobody forgets that to dance is to love one another and to rise up together in revolt.

Following on from the rock of Charly Garcia, we have the legendary tango of Osvaldo Pugliese. (…) The party goes on….with all the splendour of a delirious adventure in the middle of the afternoon… Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde

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2017-18 season

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el baile at Théâtre National de Nice
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