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théâtre national de nice

Saison 2018-19

théâtre national de nice

le rêve de nos montagnes

[journey through Armenia]
Cie Yeraz

With Méréty ACHKOUYAN, Silva ACHKOUYAN, Maxime ADJEMIAN, Hrant AJAMIAN, Christian AJAMIAN, Vartan AGOUDJIAN, Chouchane AGOUDJIAN, Manon ALESSANDRINI, Léa ARSLAN, Hayk ARSLANIAN, Norik AVETISSIAN, Seta BAROUDJIAN, Manouk BASMADJIAN, Vahan BASMADJIAN, Astrig BASMADJIAN, Sévan BEDIKIAN, Sylvie BEDIKIAN, Antoine BIZET, Adam CAKIRTAS, Vergin CALGAN, Stéphane CHOOLAKIAN, Katalyna DJIDJIRIAN, Christine GALSTIAN, Méghétie GHAZARIAN, Harold HERZOG-YACOUBIAN, Arthur HOVSEPIAN, Méliné IGNATEVOSSIAN, Vahag KALADJIAN, Thomas KECHIKIAN, Hayk KESHISHIAN, Nora KOSSIAN, Anna KOSSIAN, Lucie KOSSIAN, Armineh MADENIAN, Gayané MADENIAN, Vana MADENIAN, David MIKHARYAN, Chéram MURADIAN, Aline OHANNESSIAN, Nanor OSKIAN, Varouj PAPAZIAN, Loris PAPAZIAN, Charig PAPAZIAN, Azad PAPAZIAN, Hratch PELIBOSSIAN, Seda PELIBOSSIAN, Grigor PELIBOSSIAN, Gayané PELIBOSSIAN, Laura SEN, Daronn SESETYAN, Clara SIMEONIAN, Christine TOPOUCHIAN, Tania UCKARDES, Shant ZADOURIAN artistic direction Christina Galstian-Agoudjian choregraphy Christina Galstian-Agoudjian, Anna Karapetyan, Norair Mehrabyan, Arménouhie Petrosyan-Guleyan lighting and photographs Antoine Agoudjian sound Michel Basmadjian projections, sound and sound effects Vahé Ignatevossian costumes Sonia Baroudjian, Hélène Basmadjian, Sylvie Bedikian, Sonya Boyadjian, Silva Achkouyan

Who better than the great Armenian choreographer, Christina Galstian-Agoudjian to pay tribute to the very heartbeat of her people?

Boosted by international acclaim for Parfums d’Arménie, this whirlwind dance company presents a new ballet show, choreographed by Christina Galstian-Agoudjian. After four years of rehearsals, she continues to take a passionate interest in the values of an Armenian culture on the move. The sixty dancers that make up her troupe create a living fresco with shimmering colours and captivating rhythms.
Heiress to a popular and rural tradition, this Armenian choreographer draws inspiration from the creative worlds of Pina Bausch, Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Simon Abkarian. Her dancers move with passionate fervour, imbued with dreams of freedom, love and sacred rites. They stand strong, like mountains, despite the trials and tribulations facing them. They awaken ancient gods. Their dance tells an ancestral story, three thousand years’ old. They dance with new vigour and originality. A Revolution in motion that narrates the dream of an Armenia rediscovered.

This show, this hymn to life, portrays daily living through masterful dance, laid bare, and with music and rhythms that transport us. Aurélie Mathieu, Lyon Capitale

Child care from 6 to 11 years old the Saturday 17 March
2017-18 season

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le rêve de nos montagnes at Théâtre National de Nice
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